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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is a new week and we have great new which had voes from the web "right this minute." cops race toward a woman's mangled car on the railroad tracks. >> she was trying to beat the train to get away from police. >> now, meet the driver who had no idea a second train was coming right at her. >> i kind of didn't know what happened. i'm pretty much unscathed. can a new type of undergarment keep women safer. >> they ever claiming this is
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anti-rapewear. >> what like a chastity best? an update on that amazing rescue in alaska. >> the hero fishermen reveal the secret in saving an orca. want a 42-inch flat screen tv. we have the buzz word an extreme revenge prank. >> one guy looks like he is hooking up with the other guy's girlfriend. >> what happens when things get way out of hand. dash cam footage from a police chase near salt lake city, utah, has a surprise ening that even officers didn't see coming. no we have an exclusive interview with the woman involved. >> did you hear that? the officer is saying she just hit the train. the train hit her. he is talking about 29-year-old bonny strout.
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in this dash cam, you see the smoke and dust flying from her car being hit by an oncoming train. she was trying to beat the train to get away from police. keep watching the video. her car has been pushed over to the side, the front end severely damaged. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was a second train on a second track that came in, could not stop according to the conductor and bonny strout was still inside her car at the time of impact. >> did she survive? what happened? >> she did survive the impact. according to police, they had been called to a residence near this train track. the person who called said, the person won't leave my house. police showed up to try to deal with the incident when 29-year-old bonny strout tried to run. >> she is lucky, to say the least. >> how close those officers were too. >> police later arrested bonny on several charges including
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evading police, reckless driving and, according to police, she was intoxicated. >> to tell us more about this incident, we have 29-year-old bonny stro tuchlt via skype from utah. her first question and a lot of people's question, what were you thinking? >> that's a good question. i'm really not sure. it is kind of a blur. >> were you just running because you were scared? >> at this point, i wasn't running from the police. so i'm not agreeing that they are saying it was a police pursuit. >> what was that like? describe that for us. >> i don't remember what happened. i do know i saw cops at my window pointing a gun at my head and then he disappeared and it came to me that it was a second train. i was swept away. >> you are trapped in a crumbled car after being hit by two rains. what were your injuries? how did you get out of there? >> the paramedics came and cut me out of the vehicle.
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i'm pretty much unscathed. i have a couple fractures in my spine but nothing serious that is going to need surgery. >> do you feel lucky to be alive right now? >> absolutely. i think i was given a second chance at life. the u.s. still has an embargo against trade with cuba. however, an artist, duke riley, is like, you know what, i want a cuban cigar. he got one. this is already open at the magnum mets gallery and runs through january 11, showing how he got the cuban cigar with old-fashioned pigeon cigar. >> he used a pudge yun? >> he got a pigeon kit, labeled half of them filmmakers and the other half smugglers and he sent them to cuba to get kohibas, cigars. of the 50, he was actually only
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able to send out 23. 11 came back. >> with cigars? >> with cigars. the cigars are on display through january 11th at the gallery. >> how did the pigeons -- how ingenious of this guy, right, to be able to do this. >> here the thing. pigeons can't be prosecuted for bringing cigars back. they haven't done anything illegal and the artist told "the new york times" he was paying attention to the history of pirating. before the embargo, there were regular shipments between key west and cuba and now there are not. the u.s. is spending a lot of money on an aerial surveillance system that scans the waters. >> what a weird art project. >> what else did you fill the pigeon pouch with. >> today's cigar carrier could be tomorrow ace drugs dash cam videos from russia. the first one, the driver is
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arriving to this intersection here. you see that there are a few people right at the corner waiting their turn to cross. this car is driving past them, a white bmw decides to pass at the exact rong time and ends up striking the child. do you see that? it happened very quickly. >> he was taken to the hospital but no serious injuries. >> this is also dash cam video. you see a bunch of cars on the tram track. all the people are in a fight. they have one guy on the ground and they are punching and kicking him. no word on what caused this accident. >> one of the drivers pulls his dog from the back seat of his car and runs up, we think, to help stop the fight. we think it worked. >> do you see how big that german shepherd is? >> that's a smart way to diffuse a fight z here is a little reminder. coming up in a little bit, the rtm, flat screen tv giveaway.
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>> you need the monday buzz word and a u.s. resident and 18 years or older to enter. >> you can win a flat screen tv, the buzz word coming up in a little bit. >> good luck, everybody. >> last week, i brought you this really cool rescue story. a couple of frenchmen out looking for shrimp find a killer whale out stuck. the whale couldn't hold its blow hole out of the water. they feared and thought the whale might drowned. they got off the shrimp boat and were able to free this whale. a really cool rescue story. we have those two high-sea heroes joining us right this minute. jason and nick. well done, gentleman. >> good job. >> guys, what did that feel like to approach this large, wild predator? >> there wasn't a lot of thinking. it was just, if we can do anything, we need to do it.
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>> it didn't thrash or fight. killer whales, regulate through their dorsal fin. noticing half of this whale was out of the water, i knew it was going to really need some help regulating its body temperature. when you touch the dorsal fin, super hot to the touch, because it was trying to cool its body off and we had to dump water on it with our hands. >> we were like 8-10 hours away from town. we had a basic background of what would help. we didn't have time to actually set up the camera. it was an awesome feeling when e took her breath and bolted out of there. >> did this ordeal mean that you guys had to lose a day's work? >> it was the day before the season opened. we were just scoping out the areas. out of the corner of my eye, i saw a little splashing and we took a closer look. >> you used oars to get this off
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the rock. were you worried they would break? >> yes, definitely. before the season started, i bought two brand new ones and the other old once probably wouldn't have held up. >> there were other ork cass there. were they making any noises? >> they came really close the, specially the bigger one. he would come within 5-10 feet of us. a couple times, he sat there and looked at us. >> how does it feel to be considered a hero? >> freaking cool. it's just instinct. you would want to do something to help. >> as fishermen who are used to catching stuff from the sea, who you did it feel to release such a large, beautiful animal. >> it was amazing. you will see humpback and killer whales every now and then but to get off to the boat on to the rocks and get up next to it and touch it. >> it was kind of a dream come true. this mechanic heads down to
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work on a van but then -- >> oh, shoot! >> oh. >> flames ignite. >> he suffered severe burns. >> why this scene was a recipe for disaster. it's that time of year. >> when everybody is done with their pumpkins. >> see the extreme ways to get rid of those gourds. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. live the regular life. one square inch of deliciously smooth chocolate in creamy milk... or rich dark. incredible indulgence. one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss.
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surveillance footage played a huge role in an investigation into an accident that happened at a mechanics shop in england. pay attention to this man right here. he is an employee at douglas valley breakers limited in choreally, england. he is headed down into the inspection pit at this auto shop. he is getting underneath this van to puncture the fuel tank and remove fuel so that they can send the car out for scrap. >> oh, shoot! >> that worker is 33-year-old lee roberts. he suffered severe burns across many parts of his body. a recent investigation conducted by two different agencies. two different health agencies discovered there were multiple health and safety failings that resulted in this devastating fire. >> it wasn't that he necessarily did anything wrong. it was just that there were too many elements working against him. >> investigators said had he
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been puncturing this fuel tank in an open area, no the over this investigation pit, this could have been a completely different scenario. the auto shop should never have allowed fuel to be drained in these inspection pits. >> they think this spark was ignited by an electric drill. this accident happened more than three years ago but this case just came to trial in court and this auto shop pleaded guilty in this case and the heartbreaking thing about it, lee roberts has spent his entire professional life as a mechanic and now is too afraid to go back to woncht work.woncht work. work. i'll tell you what, pumpkins get no respect, none. it is that time of year when everybody is just done with their punk kins so it is time to get punkin chin, the sport of flinging pumpkins off with many
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different types of devices this. being from bald eagle state park. there you see the trebuche. >> they are chunking it into the water. let's move to colorado for another this is the innertia 2. that arm starts to whip around and around and around. >> it shot off like a projectile. >> a lot of building, a lot of a lot of stuff. >> now, they are all not huge giant machines. more modest cat pult.
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>> are they using these for anything other than pumpkin swing sng. >> just for that. that's it. >> isn't this a wonderful country? >> it's not a b.a.s.e. jump, not a wing suit fly or even a rope swing. >> i would call this a trust jump. >> what? >> see the high-flying leap of faith. >> on the next "right this minute." still to come, this little lamb is living it up at the skate park. >> he goes up the ramp. he goes down the ramp. the lamb goes down the ramp. the lamp is an adventurer. >> see how the lamp goes out.we word for your chance to reveal a flat screen tv.
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you may not understand this but gail and christiane a, as women, we need to be aware we need to be safe. what if an article of clothing could change the way you think about your safety? >> we wanted to provide a product that will make women and girls feel safer when out on a first date or a night of clubbing, taking evening runs, traveling in another country or another potentially risky situation. our product line provides a lair of protection in case of assault. it is, in fact, anti-rapeware.
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>> they are claiming this is anti-rapeware. >> the challenge was to find a way for the garment to be worn comfortable and be able to frustrate an attack even if the person wearing it had too much to drink, was drugged or asleep. >> just like a chastity belt? >> a similar idea but wearable undergarment. it is similar. only the wearer can remove this garment. it is created with an innovative skeletal structure that cannot be cut or torn and can onliy be removed by the wearer. >> once it has been set, the leg openings cannot be lifted or shifted to the side. the waste strap is similar but has a special lock which can only be used by removing positions which are easy for the
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user to remember. >> this is an indigo-go project. they are trying to raise money to create the prototype to get the item out there. >> it is an extra layer of protection. if you make it difficult, the less likely that something like a rape will happen to you. while out hunting this happened. this is in norway. he was out hunting with his kids. the dog saw that loose and the dog was like, it is time to play. the moose is like, i'm just here, eating, having a good time. leave me alone. he says he comes across these moose all the time. he estimates that moose to be close to 700 pounds. then, the chasing started. the dog is like, hey, hey, come on, come on, let's race. >> it was like the moose ran over the dog. >> the dog is fine. >> good thing the moose is chasing the dog. if you are standing there with the camera, i don't want that moose coming toward me. >> that moose likes to run. that dog likes to run.
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so does this little lamb. >> is it mary's? >> no. it is probably marks. this guy goes to the skate park and brings the pet lamb, jeff. he is four weeks old. this was his first time at the skate park. since nobody else was there, we let him out the car so he could play. >> it goes up the ramp. he goes down the ramp. he goes down the ramp, the lamb goes down the ramp. this little lamb is like, i could do it. i've got the hoovs ffs for it. why don't i. >> it's fleece is white as snow it is that time. the great rtm flat screentv >yowin a 42-inch flat screen tv. you need the buzz word. you have to be 18 or older and you need to be a u.s. resident. >> you ten ter on our facebook page. if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on that mobile link. >> it is time to reveal the monday buzz word.
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it is waterspout. now, head on over to and click on the win of flat screen tv button and enter monday's buzz word, waterspout. for your chance to win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody it is the case of frank wore revenge. >> these dudes take it serious. >> see all the
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the song "royal" is top in the video charts. easy to see why. >> let me be your ruler. you can call me queen bee. >> as you can imagine, let the covers begin. >> that is a sad face clown singing this song. ♪ i have never seen a diamond in
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the flesh ♪ ♪ i cut my teeth on wedding >> that is really, really good. you could listen to it with your iced closed. >> he teamed up with post modern jut box to put this audio together. >> you have an up right base, kind of a jazz drum kit and two very straight-faced backup singers there. >> and then the sad-faced clown in the middle just killing it. >> can i say that, killing it? silky voice, creepy face. >> got to say, when it comes to pranking, the guys from viral brothers take it to an extreme, elaborate, i want to say borderline criminal level. they did a two-year long prank war. there are a series of videos on line. one guy had the other guy go up in an airplane and have the pilot fake like he passes out and foams at the mouth. watch him fry to wake up the
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pilot. here is another one, looks like he is hooking up with the guy's girlfriend. when he figures out what's going on, he throws books around, throws a computer, breaking all kind of stuff. these dudes take it serious. >> but their latest is pretty good too. they sent this to us. >> two cups, powder, drop it in there, swish it around. >> he is basically drugging his friend. gives his buddy the concoction. later, you can see, he is out. they take him in his bed, dress him in a nightgown, transport him in the back of the truck, bring him to old town square in prague, a very public place, hundreds of people around. also, it is rather cold out. they blow an air horn. >> very close to his head. he stirs but that doesn't wake him up. eventually, he comes over, blows the air horn again. finally, the guy gets up and figures out where the heck he
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is. imagine that. you wake up. you are like, what? you've been abducted. you've literally been abducted. >> these are your friends. i don't know that you trust eating, drinking, doing anything around them. >> who needs enemies when these are your friends? >> you could see, he looks a little unhappy. throws a stocking cap at his friend once he gets up and gets his wits about them. although they are not speaking english, this here definitely translates in languages. >> what's scarier, there is going to be a retaliation video from this. what the heck? >> i can't wait to see it. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is time for great videos and stories behind them "right this minute." a driver decides to pull a u-ey and watch what happens. >> how a little boy survived a right turn russian style a convenience store customer heads for the zoor but you see him start to back up. >> why mistaken identity led to a deputy's drastic moves a quad cop ter is following a skatebors

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